Crystal Castles - Crimewave

Charlie Ralph 29/09/2008

Rating: 1/5

Throughout musical history bands that people just love to hate have always existed. Whether it's in some vain attempt to add to the haters' sense of cool or simply because they're just so bad it's funny. The current crop of musical pantomime pirates with hooks for hands range from the brain-numbingly irritating Scouting For Girls to the just plain dull Nickleback. However, one act that has caused the biggest split in opinion throughout the more elitist of musical communities are Crystal Castles. Who would have thought that the bleeping baselines and the ballistic bawling of two angry Canadians could cause so many arguments? Well, by the looks of this new single, the band doesn't exactly want everybody to love them anyway.

Crimewave is not an easy song, it's got an irritating "thumping" bassline, ideal for idiot DJs to play in clubs at 2 a.m when no-one could care less what they play, as long as they can drunkenly stumble to the beat. Allied to this are occasional bleeping keyboard noises, and what sounds like Microsoft Sam's mum telling me about her new fridge.

So this single really isn't any good. Crystal Castles have somehow managed to conjure up some kind of hipster credibility because one of them is quite pretty and the people who like Nickelbackdon't like them. But don't let these facts overshadow what is, when it comes down to it, just as dull as that abominable 'Rockstar' tune.

Release date: 29/09/08