Autorotation - Everything Is Everything

Richard Wink 15/07/2009

Rating: 1/5

Tin Tin Out? Remember them? Autorotation bring back horrible memories of anodyne electronica; clusters of inoffensive beats, female vocals that recall a fatigued Elizabeth Fraser, the tired fallout that came after trip hop has limply resurfaced and that my friends is never a good thing. Can it be killed with a silver tipped bullet? Can it be repelled with garlic? If I hold up this little crucifix will it finally creep away?

What pains me as a listener is I can tell what Autorotation are trying to attempt, I can hear attempts to hit the ethereal heights of Sigur Rós, matching the blind bleakness of Portishead and even efforts, however futile, to capture the haunted essence of the Cocteau Twins. Problem is, the music throughout the duration of this album is sterile, crawling into your ears rather than captivating them. Highlights? There are none, little moments are severely lacking; there is nothing whatsoever to cherish.

Then comes the proof, a little signifier that Autorotation are utterly convinced of their own genius and their abilities to create great music, song titles such as ginger pants and mittelschmertz (which means period pains in German) appear to suggest a sense of humour, but more importantly such titles also tell you that the music was created first, the idea and meaning scrambled together afterwards, almost in a well this song is done, what do we call it? Shit my pants? Randy pants? Wait I've got it! Ginger pants! The ideas were brought to the table with less thought then your average brainstorming session on The Apprentice.

Arrogance reeks from everything is everything, the odorous smell of a bunch of cocksure musicians attempting to genre surf is never pleasant, sound experiments fiddled and presented in an empty vat of classlessness. Dreamy lurches into shoegaze, before heading off blindly to the trendy wine bar to sample something from Warp Records, I for one hope the pompous twerps choke on their vegan bagels the next time they enter the recording studio.

If you want to hear a class album called Everything is Everything then I'd advise you to seek out Diana Ross' album that contains the ultimate slow jam I'm Still Waiting. Anything is better than listening to musicians of pedigree proudly licking their own dirty bits.

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