The Domino State - Iron Mask

Matt Harrold 11/09/2007

Rating: 2.5/5

The whole is much greater then the sum of the parts, unless of course your talking about The Domino State's debut single 'Iron Mask'. There's something infinitely troubling when a song's opening few minutes reminds you more of those Staines kings of indie MOR, Hard-Fi, than the equally applicable (and much better) The Editors: It's the equivalent of painting a target onto your arse, whilst a neon sign flashes “Kick me” several feet above your head.

It's only with the occasional flash in the pan moment that you are given glimpses of what could have been, the chorus “If the outside world is not enough/We'll push the world away/All we need is here” is sung with refrained passion, but doesn't make up for the fact that vocalist Matt Forder bleeds the rest of 'Iron Mask' dry from any sense of pace.

Still, at least the B-side 'For Now' seems to hold it together better, coming across as Doves swirled amongst the colour dripping guitars of My Bloody Valentine. It shimmers amongst the languid melody, feeling like The Domino State have given up trying to force their influences and mellow out to them instead.