OK - Under the Weather But Over the Moon

Richard Wink 26/11/2009

Rating: 2/5

Coined by Andrew Harrison the term 'landfill indie' lazily summarizes a lot of bands, and they keep coming, crawling out from the tip with a copy of Up the Bracket stuck under their arm and the rotten smell of Brut and Stella emanating from their filthy chequered rags.

OK fall under the landfill umbrella, well 80% of this album does. There are two songs that are quite catchy and deserve a little attention, but we shall get to them later. Firstly let's sharpen the knives and get stuck in to the rest of this bloated carcass of an album. A great deal of this album is powered by a sub-Libertines jangle; if you hated The View then you will absolutely despise OK. For there is not a lot to like about these songs, from the ordinary social commentary of 'Magazines' and 'Any other way' to the instantly forgettable audio gruel of 'It's not too late'.

It feels like the band have rushed the recording, and forgotten that a collection of tightly written poppy songs can be well received, even if originality is mostly absent. I'm thinking of The Wombats surprisingly tolerable A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation as a perfect example. When OK get it right, tracks like 'Down the wishing well' and 'The dawn chorus' provide a wry smile.

What next for OK? In an ideal world they will tour this album like maniacs, and score a minor hit that gets a little radio play, this might buy them enough time to put something together something a little less naïve, and a little more worldly.