Japanese Motors - Single Fins & Safety Pins

Sel Bulut 17/12/2008

Rating: 3/5

Single Fins & Safety Fins is humble and unassuming. Yes, it's indebted to everything The Strokes did almost a decade ago. Yes, it's run-of-the-mill, sun-soaked garage rock 'n' roll. Yes, they're from Orange County and seem to wear this little fact very proudly. But it's unpretentious and - dare we say - fun.

Listening to it is like being transported into a Ray Ban advert, chilling with your friends on a beach in summertime (bottle of beer in hand optional) and taking life for what it is. This comes as quite a contrast to the wintery morbidity of White Lies, who rather strangely Japanese Motors supported on their North American tour. Quite why this song is released in December, we'll never understand.

Will it change your world? No. But it's not the sort of song that's trying to. Like a summer day, it comes and it goes and it's easily forgettable, but you enjoy it all whilst it lasts.