Undercut - Hot In That

Duncan Bradley 12/12/2007

Rating: 2/5

A shallow lyrical performance is spoken over a dull, self-indulgent guitar riff - this is the verse, this is the chorus and this does not constitute a middle-8. The drum pattern from this single has likely been ripped from the F and F# keys of a cheap Casio keyboard, whilst the low end pays homage to an angst-ridden teenager's very first encounter with a bass guitar.

At times, the song appears to be progressing and forgiveness tiptoes somewhere in the back of the mind but this is forgotten all too soon as the chorus repeats itself over and over. It is repetitive - it is a matter of debate whether or not the band actually recorded the chorus more than once.

A professional sound unfortunately does not promise a good single. Though I will admit that this single is extremely weak, the Bristol five-piece seemingly have a lot more to offer and I plead with you to not judge this band by this release alone.

Further downloads are available from their website.