Elle Milano - Swearing's For Art Students EP

Lee Puddefoot 24/04/2006

Rating: 4/5

This is Elle Milano's first EP release and if this is anything to go by we could well see some special things coming from this band. It's four tracks of the most straight-forward, straight talking lyrics since Art Brut whisked us in to a little frenzy 2 years ago.

The opening track 'Swearing's For Art Students' is a sneering statement to themselves and anyone that is brave enough to get on their high horse, the opening line says all you need to know about Elle Milano as the singer spits in "I'm sorry for being so middle class, sorry little me, I've got my head up my own arse" before he goes on to announce "you've got your toys and I've got mine, you keep your ak47, I'll keep my four wheel drive".

The razor sharp lyrics and scythe like guitar rip through your ears and is an example of everything that's good about music. It clever and intelligent like Gang of Four, it's poppy and infectious like the Buzzcocks and is as explosive as the Sex Pistols. Its both pop and punk, but with out the usual whininess that generally plods along.

'Men Are Bastards' continues along the same vein as a short and volatile outburst and is pretty much self explanatory as the lyrics lash out "I'm here tonight just to get your clothes of" in between a barrage of sharp guitar and bass clashes.

'Amphetamine Skyrocket' is a blast of observational reality, and is a furious punk musical shotgun behind the lyrics "amphetamines, that's what I need" and "I took her out the back and gave her a slap, cos we lost the England match".

However the outstanding gem in the lot is the closing track 'Believe Your Own Hype. Always" and doesn't so much ooze confidence but is outlandishly cocky and is a big pink neon sign screaming arrogant as the singer belts out "I've been labouring 9 to 5, my E's and ciggies will keep me alive, I'm a genius, that's my secret". And with a debut this good you struggle to disagree with them.

Elle Milano are a jewel in the underground scene, they are young, clever, witty and have a sound so sharp you could put a handle on it and call it a knife. If there is any justice in the world that should scale the heights of Bloc Party at the very least and from there, the only thing that can get in their way is themselves.