Marina & the Diamonds - Obsessions

Rhian Daly 16/04/2009

Rating: 3/5

2009 is apparently all about us women - everywhere you look there's mention of Boots, La Roux and Florence. Seemingly ignored by the world though, is Marina Diamond, creator of piano-led pearly pop that beats all other competition out of the park.

Obsessions is a upbeat-but-melancholy tale of love and life that'll stick in your brain for the next month but where Marina really comes alive is on b-side Mowgli's Road, a brash exotic experiment that matches its protagonist's look. In theory, Miss Diamond should be storming her way to the top of the charts with her glistening, accessible sound. Hopefully that's still to come but in the meantime forget Lady GaGa and the rest, Marina should be the only woman soundtracking your year this year.