The Cribs - Cheat On Me

Nick Lewis 31/08/2009

Rating: 3/5

The Cribs (or the family Jarman as you might like to call them) are a band Steve Lamacq probably likes a whole load. Not only does singer/bassist Gary Jarman sound a bit like Robert Smith of The Cure in his not-really-singing-because-maybe-I-can't-so-I-sort-yell-a-bit-tunefully, not only do they have that spacey, reverby late 80s-early 90s underground indie sound that seems to typify the sort of thing that people like Steve Lamacq like, but Johnny Marr is on guitar. Johnny bloody Marr is at it again. And people who like this sort of thing generally really like The Smiths.

Indeed, the opening riff sounds unmistakably Marr, and the song is exactly the sort of thing that people who like underground indie bands and collect rare 7 inches of songs nobody else has ever heard or are probably interested in hearing will like. The thing that sets it apart for me is the structure, it seems to be some sort of Burroughsian cut 'n' paste experiment: bridges, choruses and verses all merging into one, cropping up at unexpected times, and a mid-8 that turns into an outro.

I doubt this song will be anyone's favourite, but it's a pretty solid piece of work and will certainly make you feel like you're one of those miserable cool kids for the time you're listening to it.

You can wacth the video here.

Release date: 31/08/09

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