The Answer - Come Follow Me

Charlie Southwell 24/12/2006

Rating: 4/5

Somewhere after Guns n Roses, foot stomping, who gives a… attitude, blues rock died a death, until an untimely unsigned band called The Darkness came and hauled the genre from the brink of collapse only to kick it over the edge of cliff with their slap of irony. Back to the Guns and Roses comparisons, Guns and Roses debut album is the most successful debut EVER, and The Answer's album Rise has been lavished with accolades (such as “best rock album of the decade”) when you consider the failure of The Darkness' second coming, it doesn't give the rockers of this world much hope. But with over 50, 000 sales in the UK, Rise has achieved silver certification and this hard touring band have clearly done the footwork of ye olde touring bands.

AS for their third single, “Come follow me”. Its download only in the UK, which assuredly places them out of the charts, their old fashioned rockers market must still yearn for the days of vinyl. The track initially launches into a heavy blues riff, which on first listen is neither catchy or flash enough to remember, until four or five hours later, at work: where it was well and truly stuck in my head, so maybe its a grower with longevity after all. The air siren vocals over the punchy guitar lines, is pure classic rock. Actually David Coverdale, may regret not sounding more like this. The finger tapping solo is uninspiring but then again, that doesn't mean it's bad, so many songs contain pointless solo's these days, even Scissor Sisters have stupidly placed solos that will never be up with the likes of Slash .The chorus here is catchy and that riff is much catchier than I dared imagine, so here's to bringing REAL rock back. I'm off to buy the album, and probably going to see them live in 2007. Come follow me.

Released 18/12/06