The Fallout Trust - Washout

Jennifer Roberts 13/02/2006

Rating: 4/5

Starting off as the guitar intro of 'Golden Touch' probably wasn't what The Fallout Trust had in mind; with their new single. So rapidly realising that this isn't the way to go (like Barrymore in the Big Brother house), it quickly changes course and quality by stumbling into a jazz club hosting a prog-rock night, successfully blending something for both the art-school rockers and the ├╝ber-cool slicks from the city.

A frenetic noisescape fashioned from layered, coarse vocals and piercing guitars is combined with the strikingly creative efforts of this London sextet; half of which are siblings. Fresh from setting up their studios (Q Quarters; which is where both recording and artwork were produced), they release their debut album 'In Case Of The Flood' on 27th February through At Large records.