Cute Is What We Aim For - Rotation

Matt Haigh 10/08/2008

Rating: 0/5

Are we still in 1998? This album would certainly make you believe so. Either that, or that you've stumbled into some horrible alternative reality where everything is an American teen movie and it's always prom night. Cute Is What We Aim For, aside from the conceit, are a band who are never going to stand out from a crowd of hundreds of others just like them. They offer nothing new or vaguely exciting.

The band themselves, aside from boasting a front-man with a face wide enough to give Sophie Ellis Bextor a run for her money, are completely innocuous. Opening track 'Practise makes perfect' is Blink 182 all over again, and after that it's hard to decipher between one song and the next. Frankly, everything just sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack to American Pie.

Release date: 24/06/08