The Steeples - Britney's Tears

Matt Churchill 12/01/2008

Rating: 4/5

Ormskirk is famous for many things: it is a creative hotbed for footballers, Duncan Ferguson, Tony Morley and Stephen Warnock were born there. Jon Culshaw, impressionist extroardinaire hails from the market town just a voice-throw away from Liverpool, also the birth place of former PM Harold Wilson.

But now there is a stirring in the town that may just land it on the musical map, dominated by it's neighbour. The Steeples are a retro rock and roll band with songs that are rowdy kick-the-door-down statements of social unrest and observation.

'Britney's Tears', with a wonderful swagger, is a cutting comment on not only Britney Spears (word play eh, did you see that?) but the over-hyped and sensationalised celebrity world in which we find ourselves sitting in knee-deep.

The classically crunchy guitars harrang the vocals of lead singer Andy Culshaw (a relation to the aforementioned mimicist?), the drums and bass that are an invitation to dance - something that is futile to resist.

An unknown quantity, so far, but a band with big potential.

Released 4th of February 2008