The Postcards - At Home with the Postcards

Lauren McKettrick 22/03/2006

Rating: 3/5

At Home With The Postcards begins with a one-minute-something introduction into a world of jangly guitars, tight little riffs and effortless vocals from South London four piece, The Postcards. From the second you hear that jingle jangle guitar riff of opener, Altered Oranges you feel instantly transported back to the early 60's - and it feels exciting.

The songs that follow however don't live up to expectation. Is It Too Late To Change My Mind is peaceful and well performed with a simple melody, Start Again is slightly more lively with a cute little guitar riff and head-bobbing quality. The variation between these two songs is basically the whole demo summed up into a few words. The vocals are consistently precise through-out every song, shining over riff after riff after riff and quiet repetitive drums. Heartful Of Sorrow is one of the better tracks, with an escape from the jangly electric guitars to some beautiful acoustic ones, showing that this band do at least have something else to offer - even if it does only briefly appear.

These are a bunch of talented men and considering these songs we're recorded in a kitchen they sound astonishingly perfect. The songs ARE good - the guitar riffs ARE good but every song sounds like a slight variation of the one that proceeded it. Nothing stands out as individual or exciting, it's all just 'good' - which isn't a negative thing. The Postcards do have that certain something which appeals to you at the beginning, but when you continue to listen, you hope to discover something fresh and new to each song which lets your interest progress. It's always a shame when then doesn't come.