Crowded House - She Called Up

Tim Miller 17/09/2007

Rating: 4/5

Crowed House are one of those bands whose fans smile knowingly upon discovering their mutual appreciation, and who remain criminally underrated by today's music industry. What the Finn brothers and co. do so well is write songs with pop melodies and an edge that renders many of their tunes timeless classics. Early '90s, Crowded House were one of the best international bands going, and 'She Called Up' is the second single to be released from their comeback album this year, 'Time on Earth'.

Neil Finn's insistent, plaintive timbre over bubbling organs and acoustic strumming sets a warm tone, countered by a somewhat haunting bridge with tinkling piano and glazy-eyed “lalala”s. Admittedly, for a Crowded House single, the bite and sense of daring has been replaced to an extent by a more comfortable and pleasant overall feel. But, for sheer quality in crafting finely-tuned pop, and while there are stronger songs on this year's LP, 'She Called Up' acts as a fine endorsement for the band. You never lose it.

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Released on 17/09/2007