Target Nine - Say What You Want

Stas Werno 07/11/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

"Say What You Want" is the promising début single from up and coming power pop three piece Target Nine. A typically jerky verse paves the way for an avalanche of a chorus that brings the Oxford based band's unashamed suburban rock sound into dangerously catchy territory, leaving splatters of melodic UHU dotted around the inside of your skull.

B-Side "Lost Causes Will Be Found" is a little less straight forward, moving away from the 'pop' whilst firmly clinging on to the 'power'. An unusual progression builds toward a huge early Biffy Clyro like climax, moulding a track that is likely to leave your ears ringing at one of their reputedly lively shows.

Although not anything ground breaking, it's a solid first step for a trio that're worth bearing in mind when pondering on new talents - I do recommend checking back to see where they go from here. However if you can't wait, you should definitely check their MySpace and try to catch one of their impressive gigs.