Niko - Demo

Lauren McKettrick 00/00/0000

Rating: 2/5

Cardiff based Niko are an “exciting, vibrant and energetic” 3 piece according to the information I received about them. Exciting - no. Vibrant - not really. Energetic - not so much.

First track 'Old Boys' does admittedly have a catchy fast-tempo opening riff which rings with the influences of The Jam and The Smiths but is rudely cut off and interrupted by harsh vocals reminiscent to that of the early Libertines. The song does manage to pick its self up again but becomes repetitive in melody and in lyrics; with the exception of a tiny guitar solo.

Next up is the marginally better 'I'm Losing Interest In You' which has a loveable bass intro accompanied by sharp guitars and the vocals are much less painful to hear than in the previous song. A fast-tempo chorus gives a break to the main guitar riff and when the song dies down and appears to stop playing for a few seconds, it still all manages to blend well and is a surprise after the disappointment of 'Old Boys'.

Both these tracks start to sound very alike after more than a couple of listens. Same breaking down of songs part way through, similarly constructed guitar rhythms and drum beats and with vocals that honestly need improving it is only the partially interesting bass riffs that make these songs worth listening to.