Dead!Dead!Dead! - George Lassoes The Moon

Chris Yau 27/03/2006

Rating: 4/5

Dead! Dead! Dead! are a fast-rising art-rock ensemble from Southampton. Currently on the roster for Tough Love Records, “George Lassoes The Moon” is the debut single for this quartet. The track is a taut, start-stop-start affair which remains engaging throughout. Blessed with two vocalists, the opportunity for harmonies is not missed. However, this is still an aggressive song, with an ingenious bridge. The B-side, “The Mightiest Melodrama Of Them All”, is reminiscent of a more coherent Libertines, but with greater ambitions. The vast sound is gripping to say the least, and is ably accompanied by some unorthodox, yet fitting vocals. Think of raspy growl and you're almost there. 2006 could well be the year for Dead! Dead! Dead!. So good, they named them three times.