GoodBooks - Leni

Matt Harrold 11/12/2006

Rating: 3/5

You just have to love unrequited love don't you? The haunt of poets and artists looks to explain that, produced by that one unobtainable girl or guy. Along with the lows of always being on the outside, that sense of frustration and hurt at never being at the place you long to be with someone.

Goodbooks, those troubadours of Indie break out the xylophones and pilfer Bloc Parties guitar rifts in their best attempt to nail the subject in just over three and half minutes. Whilst Max Cooke sings "She winds me up and down again, again and again/She might as well leave me for dead", which would pretty much put it in the darkest of places. Although any true lyrical bite is softened somewhat by the melodic nature of the instrumentation. Plus Max has the same vocal intensity of a Chris Martin, along with having the voice to do that "will it collapse or not?" thing, when hitting one of those high notes. 'Leni' probably won't bowl you over, causing you to rush down to your local HMV and dry hump one of the assistants till they order you a copy, but it'll work it's way into your heart if you leave the door open.