The Good The Bad & The Queen - Green Fields

Paul Cook 02/04/2007

Rating: 2/5

Enjoying this song is a painstaking task. Green Fields is unfortunately a song of little substance and feels artificial in its lyrics and even more so in its instrumentals. The Good, The Bad and The Queen have indulged in the commodity of critical acclaim and its difficult to believe much of it isn't simply for the band's high profile members. The amalgamation of Paul Simonon, Damon Albarn, Tony Allen and Simon Tong could be seen as the makings of a super group. The flair and talent these four possess is undeniable but where has it all gone?

Certainly not into this particular track as the moody surrealism fails to project from Green Fields. The guitar and bass appear to have no definite place in this track and the vocals are far from sharp. Despite so much promise, Green Fields, at just 2.27, comes and goes in a dazed confusion of lost instrumentals and searching vocals without avail or accomplishment.