Elliot Minor - Time After Time

Alexandra Richards 16/07/2008

Rating: 2/5

You could be forgiven for thinking 'Time After Time' might be a cover version, perhaps a Green Day track, there's something so familiar, so recognizable here. But it isn't, this is the fifth single from the Yorkshire five-piece, yet it's nothing new. 'Nothing's changed, everything's the same' as singers Alex Davies and Ed Minton put it. The lyrics are rather tedious, predictable pop-fare, and despite the accompanying strings and keyboard-heavy melody that give the song a full-bodied sound, this sounds like something that's would fit into a punk-pop high school musical than set crowds chanting (though there is an instrumental track if you fancy a bit of karaoke). 'Time after Time' is an upbeat and energetic tune and there's a nice contrast with the dual-vocals. It's got just enough of a rock-tinge to not cement it in the doomed Busted-style pop genre, but the band need to show some more innovation if they're to break out of the teeny bopper market.