Sons And Daughters - Gilt Complex

Holly Cruise 09/11/2007

Rating: 4.5/5

Oh wow. There's nothing more satisfying than finding a good little band with lots of potential then watching as BOOM! They realise that potential in an explosion of taut, tense folk-indie-rock. Folk? Well it's hard to work out how else to describe Sons And Daughters. Theirs is evil folk, rhythmically simple but louder, more electric, and full of menace. Over a bassline that feels like it is heralding the unstoppable arrival of something very very evil, 'Gilt Complex' is simply irresistible. Adele Bethel has one of the best voices in modern indie music, reminiscent of PJ Harvey at her angriest, but still Bethel's own. She uses it to tell a vicious morality tale which manages to both criticise its rich, celebrity victims but also revel in their existence. It's dirty and wrong and brilliant.

Just as good is their version of evergreen classic Killer by Seal/Adamski. Surely with such a song the only outcome can be an inferior version? No chance, carrying over the energy from Gilt Complex, S&D simply bash through, faithful but individual enough to justify covering the song. It's not often a band are so obviously meant for a cover. It's a match made in heaven... or at least on a dark stormy night up on an abandoned moor, which would probably please S&D more.

Released: 29/10/07

Watch the video here