Antonio Rowe 18/07/2010

Rating: 4/5

Eccentric popstar Maya Arulpragasam is one big fat oxymoron, with this exact statement being highlighted time and time again; sometimes it's voluntary and other times it's journos like a certain Ms Lynn Hirschberg who seem hell-bent on portraying the U.K/Sri Lankan talent as someone out of touch with the topics she so passionately talks about in her music, varying from war and genocide to poverty.

So with the knowledge that what she says is now out-shining what she actually creates (which is music if you didn't know..) it's a bit dumb-founding, to say the least, that for the second single from her third offering /\/\ /\ Y /\ she's decided to release a gigantic electro-pop tune after making it more than clear that she isn't exactly a fan of your typical chart music. Thankfully this contradiction is a delectable one, with Maya's latest mainstream assault clearly relishing in its audacious synths and brazen-faced beats glory. It's musical moments like this that justify M.I.A's annoying 'I can say what I want' swagger, and almost evokes sympathy for the mis-directed attention that's now placed upon the international star.

The track is also given a taste of hip-hop kudos with Jay-Z's irrepressible flow contributing to the aptly titled 'XXXO (Jay-Z Remix).' Whether its sparse flashes of commercial marvel are enough to make her undeniable talent the centre point of her career again, I honestly don't know.

Release Date: Out Now