The Lodger - Kicking Sand

Bill Cummings 27/04/2007

Rating: 3/5

Leeds beat combo The Lodger came to my attention on the rather superb Dogbox and Angular Records compilations of last year, presenting a delightfully, sensitive, bookish, mid paced jangling indie sound that married together the work of The Autuers and early Belle and Sebastian. Given the dearth of good British indie at present: vocally they brought a refreshing brand of wistful, emotionally literate air to the millennial music underground.

Its somewhat of a surprise then that their new single “Kicking Sand” sounds more like the Housemartins or early work of the Bluetones. The initial metallic strumming riff rides its way through this rather “tasty” hummable tune, finds lead singer Ben bringing a wide-eyed melodic innocence into the line “We're not super stars/We're just kicking sand”, quite sweet when applied to a band who only last year supported the much lauded Long Blondes.

Whilst The song's main theme seems to be a relationship in a state of flux. This title track does show that the Lodger have more than one trick up their sleeves. On the other hand its a little disappointing though as it doesn't quite live up to the heights of previous efforts from the band. Still you can always check their myspace to hear that there's a hell of a lot more to come from Angular records signings, the Lodger.