Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - Worn Copy

Liam McGrady 03/08/2005

Rating: 4/5

This record could seriously mess with your head. A 70 minute epic, it's akin to going for a very long drive with the radio reception changing every 5 minutes; to the strangest radio stations you've ever heard. It's hard to convey the eclectic nature of this album. It jumps and jerks from Swiss yodelling to eerie voices shouting “BLOODY WRISTS!” to white noise, breakbeats and wonky samples of dodgy 80's MOR songs - often within the confines of one so called song. Basically if you think along the lines of DJ Shadow you're about there. If you're into picking up random records with odd names in the hope of finding something to wow your mates or drop on the unsuspecting public during your next DJ spot, then here's a tip from me. Get your ears around this, its one hell of a trip.