Klaxons - Golden Skans

Matt Harrold 17/01/2007

Rating: 4/5

So the reel of musical repetition turns once more, passing by the slow lane of glam rock and heavy psychedelia from the 70s, to zip past the dodgy fashion and synth rock of the 80s, to pull into the lay-by entitled “We love the early 90s we do!”; somewhere parked up by the kerb are the Klaxons riding towards the top 20 in the tripped out 'Golden Skans'.

It's not entirely easy to take the Klaxons seriously, between them and Shitdisco they've got to carry a whole new scene invented by the hacks at the NME: which is liable to set off alarms throughout the music loving world. For the alone you've got to feel slightly sorry for them. Fortunately for us (and for them) 'Golden Skans' goes a fair way to proving the nay-sayers wrong with uber slices of neon-infused pop clashing with the rave scene of the early 90s. It's Screamadelica era Primal Scream if they'd teemed up with N-Trance for an art rock side project

You could try and work out what allows the Klaxons to meld lyrics ripped from JG Ballard's Myths of the Near Future with shining slice of infectious tunes, dripping in feel good melody. At a rough guess I'd say, it's enough ecstasy to fuel the entire London club scene for the next year. Let's face it you're better off grabbing yourself a pair of glow sticks for this year's Glastonbury and get ready to party like it's 1991.