Johnny's Landing - Trivida Sessions EP

Ross Drummond 27/04/2007

Rating: 4/5

In the sea of indie pop it is often easy to drown, wading through mediocrity after medioc-rity, gasping for breath amongst the drain pipe jeans and backcombed hair. However - or perhaps this is where there would be a but - it is with a lot of intrigue that a demo by a band from The Hague, Netherlands is received. And the Netherlands is not a place re-nowned for its long history of A) bands and B) bands of any great quality.

Thankfully in their 6-month existence Johnny's Landing have been quite the productive bunch, recording these 6 songs. That's a month a song if the maths were put into place. And their hard work has paid off. Dominique's voice is set to lullaby; wise before her years, the melodies are soothing and her lyrics bitter yet heartfelt. “I' see your eyes, I see your lips there's no last chance for our first kiss” Looks like someone spent that extra hour in class reading up on Oscar Wilde and it paid off.

Her chords are clean and delicate, sitting nicely with her voice and the bass and drums make it danceable (albeit a waltz). It has that lazy stomp feel that Cold War Kids have but the tightness of the finest Strokes numbers. A real languidness floats around and appeals immensely, making this indie pop for day-dreamers. Perfect on a summers day or an autumn break-up.

If only London took a page from the Netherlands, maybe you would get more bands like Johnny's Landing, if they ever release a record it will be sure to triumph. If 6 months can bring some of the finest pop to come out of the Netherlands ever. Only time could cultivate something that would really be worth keeping hold of.