The Pyramids - Hunch Your Body, Love Somebody

Louise Evans 07/10/2007

Rating: 3/5

Whilst recording the second album of The Archie Bronson Outfit, two members of the band (Sam Windett and Mark Cleveland) felt the urge to produce something dirtier and nastier than their usual sound, and so The Pyramids were formed. Aiming for a raw and raucous feel they set up a studio in a barn, wrote their debut record in a weekend and recorded each song in only two or three takes. This first taster of the self-titled LP doesn't stop to pause for breath.

'Hunch Your Body, Love Somebody' is a tale of sleeping with then getting over someone, yet sounds more like someone who is drunk and angry over being dumped. As the drums consistently power on, an out of control wall of noise develops within which guitars thrash around. Unhinged vocals lie on top giving both a further punk edge and making this sound an acquired taste. If 'Hunch Your Body, Love Somebody' is representative of the debut LP then you can expect it to be packed with brash, chaotic rock'n'roll.

Released 08/10/2007