Korova - Just Like Peter Cook

Bill Cummings 21/07/2006

Rating: 4/5

I first encountered Edinburgh three piece Korova a few years ago - they presented a refreshingly brash sound that was essentially raw, spiky, glammy, punk/art rock. They now return with a new single 'Just Like Peter Cook' and it's a beast: art rock guitars crash around the adrenaline fuelled vocals and driving bass lines. Probably inspired by a recent adaptation of Peter Cook's life, the lyrics wittily make the life of Peter Cook a metaphor for a failed romance ('Just like Dudley Moore I had you rolling on the floor/I can't remember what you said and just like Peter Cook these thoughts are dead'.) The Scottish twang to the vocal here only adds to the biting wit of the central lyric. This is the type of driving powerful song the Queens of the Stone Age would have loved to have come up with for their last (rather limp) album; its explosive sound is rooted in the insatiable works of the early Pumpkins or the emotive power of the early Manics. The vocals die in the last section as the song reveals some violins only to explode into distorted rock crescendo. Korova do indeed rock, if they can continue to polish their raw rock sound they too will be as notorious as their subject matter.