Alex Yau 03/11/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

In 2006, Beth Ditto complained about the lack of female artists in the music industry. Well Beth, you can stop complaining now. Since then Ditto's call has been answered
by the likes of Ellie Goulding, Marina and the Diamonds and Florence Welch. That's only a few. However their music doesn't seem to display the “I don't give a fuck' attitude that Ditto's does so well. Instead her screams have been carried forward by Alice Glass, MIA and the London based PLUG.

PLUG have seemingly come out of nowhere. They've come out of the plug hole (excuse the pun) and the resulting sound is one which reflects that exactly. PLUG is an album that has attitude. It's an album that's not afraid to get dirty and then drag everyone else in so they have a new outlook on their otherwise clean lives. “Don't Forget It” through its repetitious heavy bass patterns and grimey synths show what PLUG are exactly about. They're a pair that will bring a powerful sense of raw energy into your head. It's not all about drum and bass though. PLUG are as much punk as they are drum and bass too.

“Man Vs Machine” is a simple yet hectic no holds
barred assault. It's that little part inside you that wants to jump out and just destroy everything around you.

Unfortunately PLUG's obvious attempt to create that lo fi sound does come at a disadvantage. At times it feels like that little bit of extra production might have benefited more than leaving it. This results in a few songs that sound like they're a little too distant. If < b>MIA, Kate Nash in her brief riot grrrl stage and Allison Mosshart all had a dinner party, this would be it. It would be one where it would all start nice and calm but
would end in total chaos.