Othello Woolf - Stand

Rhian Daly 09/03/2010

Rating: 5/5

If you're after lethargic indiediscopop then hold your horses and stop right where you are, youngster.

Introducing Othello Woolf, off-kilter London pop genius and all-round star in the making. On debut single Stand we find him doing his best David Byrne impression and urging all us womenfolk to “stand up for your man” with the sort of chilled out urgency (the best kind of paradox) that makes you really, really want to and if, like me, you ain't got no man, go out and blimmin' well get one just so you can do as dear Othello says. He does sound a bit like he'll be awfully upset if you don't, you see. And we really couldn't have that.

And whilst all of this urging and man-standing-up-for has been going on, you might have noticed you've started lazily shuffling around the room in a fashion that some people might call dancing. That'll be the power of the almost ridiculously 80s sporadic keyboard stabs and the irresistible bassline that makes Othello the complete package.