Daddy Long Legs - Captain Aqua/Soup

Holly Barnes 10/10/2006

Rating: 4/5

Daddy Long Legs, a band on London's Conker Records, have released a two-track single of no little merit. A side Captain Aqua could be suitable for indie discos given a bit of a polish, with its driving rhythms and guitar riff. The backing vocals are endearingly timid until it reaches 'the shouty bits'. It's a great track, a little rough around the edges, but with plenty to interest the listener. On to the double A-side, and 'Soup' starts off like the missing link between Arctic Monkeys and Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly, then introduces harmonies that flick it all into more Beatles-y territory, with no little hint of The Stone Roses and Brit-pop stuff like the Charlatans. The chord changes and mood evoke The Seahorses. Sound guitar work, handclaps, rolling bass, and wah-ohs make the song. And it's all very very good, but as you might have noticed, it's hard to escape the influences inherent in the music. Captain Aqua makes a stab at breaking free, but however enjoyable Soup is, it is weighed down by a history of popular music. There's potential there, though, oh yes.