Boy Kill Boy - Back Again

Jennifer Roberts 13/02/2006

Rating: 4/5

Boy Kill Boy generate a whirlwind of heavy beats and punchy lyrics in this, their debut single, that abruptly slows to a gentle meander as we enter the eye of the storm (Time to time, it's easier/Time to time, it gets easier again) before building to a foot stomping crescendo that does what it initially threatened - blow the roof off. It does just that with the retro synths, chiming guitars and thumping beats.

Due for release in February 2006, 'Back Again' creeps up behind you, surrounding you from every angle before delivering a huge slap in the face. With every particle suitably shaken, it runs off leaving you thinking… “What the…..”

Monstrously energetic, the sound engulfs you like a tidal wave of decibels, beating down on your unsuspecting ears reminding you how you should leave everything where it belongs- in the past. In the metronomic chorus, the desperation of the Dalek-chant is hard to shake off. Definitely ones to watch out for.