The Morning After Girls - Hi-Skies

David Segurola 01/01/2000

Rating: 1/5

With a name like “The Morning After Girls” you can't blame a guy for expecting some fiercely feminist, perversely alluring art-punk riot grrl outfit shrieking “Men are bastards” and fucking their guitars up with snapped strings and sweaty gasps. In a good way, obviously.

It turns out The Morning After Girls aren't anything like my mental image-cum-sexual fantasy - they're not even all girls. Instead, “Hi-Skies” proves to be an uninteresting malfunction of dirty haze and husky shoegazing with guitars drowning in their own vomitous reverb and vocals crying a dull, fuzzy angst.

It stands, dazed and aimless, in uncomfortable territory between poor bandwagon grunge and tired late-90s Britpop. “Hi-Skies” is uninspired, insipid and lazily consumed in its own pseudo-vitriolic grime, topped off by a horribly clichéd trail of feedback and whirring, drooling misplaced egotism into your ears.

Sorry, lads, but it's just not happening.