Kaiser Chiefs - Modern Way

Russ Essom 31/10/2005

Rating: 4/5

Electro pop is back. Fact. The Kaiser Chiefs are a living, breathing, rocking and rolling ode to all things synth and, as their album, “Employment” proved; they know what they are doing.

Think, I Predict A Riot. Think, Oh my God. Think, synth licks, drum beats, guitar riffs, and vocal styling that could blow a deaf mans socks off. Think, Kaisers. Then think a million miles outside the bracket. Et, Voila! There it is, “Modern Way”.

Allow me to explain; the latest single from the best thing to leave Yorkshire since pudding is inexplicably different to what we have come to expect from the upbeat, move-yer-feet funny boys of British music. It is calm, comfortable, relaxing, even. I be you please, don't think for one second that I am scornful, or disliking of the record as it truly is characteristically remarkable.

Naturally, there is more of the regional brilliance that we, as a nation, have come to expect of Ricky Wilson's voice; his simple, bland expression lending itself perfectly to this almost-slow song. The integration of guitar and vocal melodies is a device divinely employed in the verses, over a simply wonderful combination of complex drumming and simple rhythm played on the cowbell, or wooden block, whatever it is that has become an absolute “must-pack” for any Kaiser Chiefs outing.

The lyrics are suggestive of an escape from some sort of depression, medical or otherwise, but do not upset; in fact they are warming, honest and witty, “This is the modern way, faking it every day.” Perhaps it is also worth noting the inherent irony of the situation; the Kaisers slip out of there 80's electro-pop regime, and into a more “up-to-date” system, and write a song which takes a dig at the so-called, “modern way.” Well played, boys.

All in all, there is very little to say about the song, which could possible be conceived as negative, naturally some die-hard electro fans will find it difficult to adjust but any mature, developed, and sane mind can see that, clearly, the Kaisers have done it again!