Operahouse - Born A Boy

Thomas 14/01/2008

Rating: 3/5

Not, sadly, a breathtakingly articulate blast of rage on being burdoned with a 'Y' chromosome, a la early Manics, but at the same time, this nimble, pacy indie-rocker isn't entirely shabby either. The great tumble dryer of indie that is dear old Camden Town has thrown these four young, underfed boys together in search of greatness (or at least a slot on the NME tour) and pleasingly, they've decided to step up to the plate.

With a tight sound and breezy framework, this passes the 'Caught by the Fuzz' test by being both short and sharp, its sweet breakdown and roaring final chorus also benefitting from some lovely high-end bass playing. Lyrically, it seems to be a tale of domestic intrigue and cross-dressing, but of course the main question is: does the tune stand up on its own? Well it's certainly worth two minutes and seventeen of your time, so judge for yourself, as it's been conveniently added to their Myspace. We'll be hearing more from this lot soon, no doubt.

Released on the 28th of January