Kerkhof - Goodbye Truth EP

TC 09/04/2009

Rating: 3.5/5

Stefan Kerkhof is a talented geezer from Zurich who's been writing and recording music for fourteen years and this is his third solo EP which he's also produced. I was fortunate enough to catch him live in his previous collaboration Kerkhof-Walser and, for me, this latest EP illustrates a much better finished product than I witnessed previously.

It's a five tracker and has a distinct American West Coast feel, with fuzzed up guitars to the fore and some fine melodies bouncing along on top of them. Kerkhof has a distinctive vocal style that oozes melancholic desolation and the lyrics reflect that ethos too; his songwriting certainly being a strength. Opening track “Circles” is possibly the strongest piece here, with an engaging assertiveness about it, although the only acoustic number “Goodbye Truth” stands as a better illustration of the man's abilities.

It's hard to see a breakthrough into the big time, but as a singer-songwriter he shows enough passion for his art to justify at least some genuine interest. “Circles' can be streamed for free on his website, so check it out.