Cassius - I Love You So

Sean McLennan 18/02/2011

Rating: 4/5

Cassius have rounded off their fifteen year anniversary with arguably their best release to date. The French house duo of Phillipe Zdar and Boom Bass' new single I Love You So sounds so tightly produced and yet so raw and atmospheric.

The release is a prescribed pre-club classic; uplifting and dancey but not too harrowing to bed you after your first two cheeky vimtos.

It's been four years since Cassius released their last album 15 Again but they have managed to stick with the times and produce something that's not only modern but somewhat fresh. In an age where generic dubstep and thrown together D&B rule the dancefloor, it's refreshing to hear a sub-mainstream electro outfit that doesn't acknowledge boundaries or faux pas.

The obscure sample of Sandra Richardson's 1971 single I Feel a Song (In My Heart) - later to be covered by Gladys Knight - is what completes it. The originality of the sample choice and the repeated lyrics - “I love you so, but why I love you I'll never know” - give it a timeless feel which is hard to come by in today's congested electronic scene.

I Love You So has sparked approval from Skream - the Prince of Dubstep himself. He decided to remix the track by simplifying the melodies, slowing down the piano chords and introducing a typically fast-paced drum beat, representative of most dubstep music.

Cassius have been keeping busy since 15 Again with release of The Rawkers EP last year. Zdar has also produced songs for Kele, Chromeo, The Rapture and indie new boysTwo Door Cinema Club. Their eagerly awaited new album is set to be released by the end of 2011 and judging by the bar that they have set, it's looking good for Cassius.