The Howling Bells, The Holloways, Think About Life, Bloc Party - GIITTV zine Tips for 2007, Part One.

Emily Tartanella 16/01/2007

Tips for 2007:

Howling Bells

Not only do they sound utterly fabulous, they made one of the best albums of 2006 and have more charisma than JFK, Morrissey, and a newborn puppy put together. Not new-rave, not art-rock, simply stellar, Howling Bells have the potential to be a band all their own.



The Holloways

Fast, fresh, and catchy as all hell, The Holloways are set to inherit the Libertines crown. Sure, they lack the lyrics, mythology, and vague homoeroticism, but they've got the tunes and a lot of potential. After a few drug overdoses and run-ins with supermodels, they'll be straight on the path to success.



Think About Life

You don't know them yet, but you will. It's part dance, part noise-rock, and constantly new and exciting. Think About Life toured with the Long Blondes in 2006, but soon they'll be headlining. I can't think of another band this unique, this bold, and this deserving of massive success.



Bloc Party

Yes, they're huge already, but I predict that 2007 will elevate them to a higher level. The next U2? Well, I'm not one for grand or sweeping statements, but this is their year to become heroes.