Division Of Death - No Life Here

Charlie Southwell 24/05/2007

Rating: 3/5

Here is an album which has lain dormant on my desk because it looked wrong. It looked black metal, the font, the picture, the name, the title all gave me that impression. So imagine my shock, when I played what is possibly one of the most exciting things I've heard this year. It drags after a while purely because it has no vocals and not enough tune to carry its hard tough shell of dark electronic music.

An opening cold dark quote gave me a shudder yet didn't deliver with the trademark hard fast disgusting punchy aesthetically displeasing drum lines, melodies and vocals that I was expecting. Haunting samples, and an audio operating table takes us through a dissection of synths, bleeps, squeaks obliterated by the grand pulse of a living Frankenstein style monster.

This would be what happened if Frankenstein himself had played a keyboard and tried to create life from a synthesiser with a sequencer. This is a real breathing, living creation, Division Of Death whomever they may be, have made something of a concept album with a concept to destroy pop and modern musical preordained preconceptions with this sequenced catalogue. He/they seem to have avoided the medium of the internet almost exclusively. Until now, seemingly.

I really really enjoyed this but can't find anything about the creator, nor does their e-mail work. If anyone knows anything about this album, please let me know. I'm intrigued and fascinated in this slightly odd idea.