Edit/Select - This Waiting Game

Owain Paciuszko 20/01/2011

Rating: 2/5

Dreary arch-indie on opening and title track of this three track EP from South London quartet, its got some nice bass from the start, but takes some deliberately Franz Ferdinand-like manouveres into dancehall territory with a spontaneously syncopated, lively bridge. The vocals swing erratically from Morrissey to Alex Turner on second track I Can't Read Minds, which has a nice mopey lead in to its choruses which are spiky and pleasantly restrained. However for the most part it burbles along in standard post-punk aping mode.

Last track Aphrodite is what a Bloc Party cover version of an early-Muse track might sound like, though whatever your imagining is probably a darn sight better than this underwhelming effort that is content to barrage you with angsty guitars and wailing vocals. it finds one moment of inspiration, turning into a grimy grungey sludge of guitar noise in its final moments, but it's too little too late by then.

Edit/Select coast along in a well ploughed furrows bringing very little new to their chosen genre, it's all played well but it's not something interesting being played well.