Rosemary - If I Had My Way

Charlie Southwell 13/02/2007

Rating: 4/5

This release has a summery vibe going for it, on first listen I had a similar rush as I got from hearing Franz Ferdinand for the very first time. A small shiver down the spine and my mind asking who is this band? Rosemary's Third Single “If I Had My Way” is startlingly fresh with a strong structure. It has elements of everything that is so popular right now. A powerful folky inspired riff melts into disco drums, accompanied with a perfectly robust voice which carries the track through the brilliant if not slightly irritating backing vocals.

The only problem with this release is that its download only, call me old fashioned but I like my hard copy of the CDs. In fairness I only order them off the net anyway because it's cheaper, and easier than standing in the rain, waiting for a bus and that doesn't turn up, to go into a record shop, only to find the one you want is out of stock. Call me cynical if you will, and I bet there's some of you that will. But I think this band is worth more than a download only, or vinyl only field of fame. Let's have something we can show to friends, wave in front of their noses, and the then play it to them so we can attract more interest. Please?

This is a mouth watering appetiser to their full release single (40-40) later on in the Spring, which is more of the same; summer tune-age. Carrying on from past singles, which are all just as brilliant, I can see this band having a strong single based debut album if they get snaffled up quickly. Although with re-releases, die-hard fans may well get a little annoyed. (The Automatic!! I hear people cry)

Rosemary aren't genre breaking or smashing their way through any experimental barrier, but they certainly encourage a step back from the media concentrated indie scene, and begs of listeners to find a band that actually sound like them. I mean there are hints of Blur, traces of the Streets, a pinch or two of the Libertines, and a beautiful blend of mod, and older 60s influences… go on try and put you finger on their sound. Go have a listen on their myspace:

Release Date: 12/02/07