Manic Street Preachers - Send Away The Tigers

Stas Werno 07/05/2007

Rating: 5/5

This album had a strange effect on me, I was beyond excited to hear the Manic Street Preachers alleged blazing come back and was willing to ignore the previous two mediocre albums and start afresh, but after a couple listens I was left thoroughly disappointed, it felt like Manics by numbers.

The next morning I grudgingly gave it another shot only to my surprise I found myself humming every verse, clenching my fists in anticipation at the next explosive chorus- I was utterly hooked. In one night I'd gone from feeling cheated by a band I'd held so dear since my hormonally induced self loathing teens to wanting to stand on top of Canary Wharf with a Les Paul and fuck off Marshall stack and scream every word to every song until my lungs bled.

I realised I felt it was Manics by numbers because it was The Fucking Manics. Yes, 'The Holy Bible' was a dark brooding masterpiece and arguably their best work, but the Welsh threesome were always at their most emotionally affecting (and offending) when they spewed out hard as nuts anthemic rock, and here they are doing it again like they never left us at all. To reduce it to a sentence: Generation Terrorists + Everything Must Go with a "Fuck You we're back" attitude pissed all over it