Hot Chip - One Life Stand

Oli Shilling 22/02/2010

Rating: 4/5

Many people find the category of electronic based music one that is lacking in emotional content, a bit one-dimensional, and devoid of deeper meaning. In reference to many acts, this could be true. For Hot Chip however, this has never been the case. Their debut was a very minimal indie/electro crossover that gained attention, but was critiqued for being too 'laid back'. Follow up The Warning gained huge critical acclaim, nomination for the Mercury Music Prize and is still a favourite of mine, with classic danceable tunes such as 'Boy From School' and 'Over and Over'. 2008 release Made In The Dark contained both radio friendly material such as 'Ready For The Floor' and slower ballad songs that really honed the talents of the band and the style of the band's voices. One Life Stand has developed those talents to make an album that feels slower and more cohesive as a whole.

One Life Stand starts with 'Thieves In The Night' a thumping and slowly building sensation, which rolls into piano based 'Hand Me Down My Love'. It's clear that the album's themes lyrically are based mainly on more long-term love, as suggested by the title. Songs such as 'Brothers' and 'Alley Cats' really work well as momentous and sentimental songs that contain samples of the clever and witty lyrics that Hot Chip have become known for. Lead single 'One Life Stand' is similarly lovey-dovey in nature, but unlike many of their previous hits doesn't find itself as danceable or pop-savvy.One Life Stand as a whole, however, seems more cohesive in it's themes and overall style when compared to their earlier releases. This leads to a successful collection that finds Hot Chip doing what they do best; electro ballads with a vulnerable and loveable feel.