Jakobinarina - The First Crusade

Lee Puddefoot 11/10/2007

Rating: 4/5

Do you remember when you first heard theStrokes' debut album? Mainstream music had become dull and uninspiring. Then along came 'Is This It?' and quite simply, everything changed. Doors opened and music was exciting again. This is what 'The First Crusade' sounds like. On an initial listen you are immediately hit with a rush of swagger and energy. This Icelandic sextet are bored and to relieve this they have put together 12 tales that are tightly wound coils ready to spring and poke out any eyes in the vicinity. No more so on 'Jesus' where the scattergun guitars fire out frightening blast of punk rock as singer Gunnar shouts “what did I do to deserve this shit, jump around, jump around to the sounds of mediocrity”.

This IS the sound of youth being pissed off. The thunderous drums and chugging riffs tells tales of adolescent arrogance on '17'. The album runs head first into punk rock screaming “come and have a go if you think you're hard enough”.

Previous single 'His Lyrics are Disastrous' snarls “I don't go out without you, without me, without anybody' as the guitars recall a mixture of The Ramones and The Modern Lovers. The brazen displeasure in the lyrics shout “lets rob a bank” as the blistering guitar solo screeches ahead of the rest of the band. 'Advertisement' recalls The Clash's 'Koka Kola' as they shout about “no artistic freedom” and “brainwash attempts!" over jerky guitar rhythms and keyboard melodies. 'The First Crusade' is undeniably a great debut album.