Le Corps Mince de Francoise - Something Golden

Tiffany Daniels 16/02/2010

Rating: 4.5/5

I have to admit, when I see that a single release has been packed full with remixes and alternative recordings, my heart sinks a little. After all, there's only so much one can say about the same song, no matter how rehashed. It also suggests that somewhere down the line, someone has lacked the faith to let the original recording fight its own battle.

With Le Corps Mince de Francoise's 'Something Golden', that really shouldn't be the case. This is fun European electro at its best, proving Finland as worthy as France in terms of a creative outlet. Cansei de Ser Sexy may have only enjoyed a short-lived fame, but they certainly set the table for others, and LCMDF dine like the no wave disco Queens they were born to be. Plentiful in blipped experimental fruit and devoid of sickly sweets, the song celebrates previous efforts without trampling on the trio's chances of independent success.

Much less could be said of the three remixes that follow: at best, Oleo's version doesn't grate; Renaissance Man's does. The Heartbreak remix suffers from something I like to call the E Factor - it gets your blood pumping but is otherwise brainless and horribly un-enjoyable in the comfort of your own, sober, room. I'd have preferred a one-track promo and, considering the majority of this release wasn't penned by LCMDF themselves, I'm going to pretend that's what I got.