The Charlatans, The Long Blondes, Morning Runner, The Young Knives, Battle - Electric Gardens Festival.

Bill Cummings 19/07/2006

On the 5th and 6th of August, Electric Gardens will be hosting a brand new and intimate music festival at the beautiful Mount Ephraim Gardens in Kent.

A boutique festival with a very current musical head, an ear for a hot band, a good pair of dancing feet and - just as importantly - a taste for top flight grub, Electric Gardens brings together some of the best bands around including Not to mention serving up a very nice bacon sarnie.

With many festivals growing to a size that can compromise both their charm and their structure, Electric Gardens have chosen to plan a more intimate event. This scale provides the potential to create the event around our headline artists, the emphasis being on getting the right mix of bands and DJs, and promoting the event together and providing an all round quality festival experience.

Tickets are a very reasonable 20 pounds a day, whilst a weekend pass will set you back 50 quid. Compared with the prices at Reading and T in the Park, this seems like a steal.The 5th or the "dance" day (as we've dubbed it), looks eclectic, with the likes of Audio Bullys, rubbing up more eclectic acts like Veto Silver and Warren Suicide.
On the 6th ("guitar day") we're looking forward to seeing whether the likes of The Long Blondes, Mystery Jets, Battle and the Boyfriends can live up to the hype. Elsewhere The Young Knives are a band we're keen to have a butchers at.

More info: www.electricgardensfestival.com or www.myspace.com/electricgardensfestival