Beverly - Demo

Chris Helsby 02/11/2005

Rating: 4/5

Beverly are a power-trio from Hastings. They've supported Selfish Cunt (I wonder what that was like!) and The Futureheads and have been played on XFM.

They make fast-paced, raw bluesy Rock. Like Blues Explosion, like The Hives, with a bit of early Nirvana thrown in. The singer screams like Angus Young across all of the five tracks here and the band don't let-up the pace at all.

Maybe this demo's missing a stand-out tune, but it flies past in twenty-minutes of pure adrenalin and heavy-riffs, blink-and-you'll-miss-it choruses that leap up before the heads go down into the riffs again. This stuff is made to blow your head clean off your shoulders and does the job perfectly.

Beverly must be an ace live band - put them in a tiny room and crank everything right up. This demo sounds like a great gig should be - all the sweat, speed and volume that you need.