James Apollo - 'Till Your Feet Bleed

Anthony Page 00/00/0000

Rating: 0/5

Once upon a time, mention the phrase singer/songwriter and your mind immediately thought of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley or Elliot Smith. Nowadays, alas, you're more likely to conjure up hideous images of James Blunt, Jamie Cullum, David Gray and Jack Johnson - the sort of MOR tosh that makes me feel bad for being alive. Now onto the scene arrives James Apollo with his 'Till Your Feet Bleed album... but can he help return some pride to this now sullied tag?

In a word, no. Sadly, James also feels the need to make the same dull, heartless filth as those already named. He tries to be edgy and veer away from the safety of that central point but just affecting a gravely voice doesn't get him very far. I have to be honest and say I have nothing good to say about this record so, if you're a fan, stop reading. Maybe go get your ears checked instead. Whatever, just stop reading. Sounding like those arch wizards of evil Paolo Nutini and Damien Rice, this is just pointlessly dull stuff.

Still, if you need to soundtrack a dinner party or some other dire affair this might be for you. Me though, I prefer my singer songwriters with bite, a broken heart and something to say - all things Mr Apollo seems to lack. Buy Watch The Spectres Dance by Liam Frost, 9 Red Songs by Chris TT, Pete Dale and The Beta Males' Betrayed By Folk or any album by Malcolm Middleton, just don't buy this. Though what do I know?! Looking at the recent dire Glastonbury line ups James Apollo may well be wowing the tasteless classes there next year. If he is, may God have mercy on our souls.

Release date: Out now