The Half Rabbits - Tiny Knives For Tiny Minds EP

Alex Worsnip 01/08/2006

Rating: 2/5

The previous demo by this band had a sort of fuzzy, noisy experimental edge to it which was pleasing to the ear (particularly "Magnet Mountain"), if not world-changing. Since that the Half Rabbits seem to have gone very much for the whole Editors vibe, with choppy rhythms and ultra-English vocals abounding, but tunes strangely lacking. Lead track 'These Rumours' is pretty standard fare, frontman Michael Weatherburn singing 'these rumours trouble me greatly/or so I hear' to a fairly predictable melody. 'Someone's Coming' is better, alternating between taut tension and squalling noise, but still seems a bit overearnest, with portentious lines like "justice is the worst kind of name". This is all pretty non-unique is today's musical climate, so the Half Rabbits would be well advised to go back to the subtly different furrow they were previously ploughing.